Why We Give Cash for Cars in Any Condition

In many cases, the biggest reason to get cash for your junk car is that the money will go towards buying a new car or repairing an old one. What happens when we end up with a car that needs a lot of work, one that’s old, one that has completely broken down and is now considered a junk car? Trying to fix cars can result in you spending more money on the car than it’s worth. This is where we come in at Pull-A-Part. 

Our business is built on junk cars. We buy junk cars so we can then allow our customers to come and pull the used auto parts that might still work. This might not add up for you, but it does for us. After the used parts are pulled, we then have recyclable materials that we can sell. Everything adds up. So the junk car that can put cash in your pocket is more than a broken down vehicle, it’s a vehicle for opportunity.

The truth is simple: Car buying should be about understanding how the car you’re buying will be used. If you want to buy a new car, make sure it’s actually something you need and that it won’t lose value quickly. If not, you might end up with a big headache. And when your car has been used so much, or not used in a long time and now it’s worthless, it’s not! It has value to us, and junkyards like ours.

When we buy junk cars, some are still in basic working order, and can provide some more reliable transportation for cheap. Some people will scour Craigslist to find these cars, and they’ll often have them priced into the $1,000s of dollars. If you’re looking for an old car that’s still relatively new to the world and has only been used by one owner, this is a great way to get a deal. So don’t forget that PullA-Part also sells affordable and reliable cars that we have purchased as junk cars. 

But giving you cash when you sell your junk car to us is our core business model. Our junkyards thrive in the local communities as sources of quality used parts, cheap and reliable used cars, as well as being a local business that is also helping the local environment. 

You see, when you allow your junk car to sit and rot, the fluids leak into the ground. The materials oxidize, rust, and start to break down. While it might not seem like a big deal, every little bit adds up when it comes to helping reduce the effects of pollution. Further, do you think your neighbors really enjoy the view of your rusting junker. 

Continuing with the environmental impacts we have when we buy your junk car, at our local junkyards, all types of mechanics in your area come to us for quality used auto parts, that they pick and pull. These parts in many cases, especially from accident damaged cars that we buy, are in great condition and have lots of life left. After all the parts that can be pulled are pulled, we then strip the cars of all metals and recyclables for scrapping, reuse, and disposal. 

So you see, there are many aspects of our business that all depend on you selling us your junk car. That’s why we give cash for cars. And that’s why we make it super easy too. Admittedly, we are not going to give you the most money out of all your options for selling your junk car. However, we are going to make it the easiest experience possible, and we will give you a fair market value for your junk car, no matter the condition. And in most cases, when we say you can get more money from another junk car buyer, this is more in the hundreds of dollars, and not the thousands of dollars. 

Any car, any condition, contact us at any time. We honor our instant online quotes. When you contact us we will tell you what your junk car is worth to us, and how much cash we are willing to give you for it. It can be damaged, in an accident, or just old and rusted. If you like the price, along with our guaranteed customer service, we will send one of our tow trucks out. They will have cash, or a check in hand, and we will give it to you when we come tow your junk car away for free. There is no hassle. We do no haggling, and we run respected local junkyards all over the United States. 

We aren’t the stereotypical junkyard. You could call us the un-junkyard, actually! We are an organized business, we get involved with the local communities, and we provide solutions and services that help people make and save money, while also helping reduce local waste in the local communities. We have also helped stimulate the economy and the environment with what we do. And it all starts with one thing; the reason why we give cash for junk cars in any condition.

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