New On Yard


Your best chance to find the used auto parts you need at Pull-A-Part is to be first in line to pull parts from a vehicle immediately after it has been added to our inventory. Our self-service business model helps us keep our used auto part prices as low as possible, but also means parts are only available on a first come, first served basis. We want you to find the used auto parts you need at our stores. If you don't find the vehicle you're looking for using our Inventory Search, we provide two additional services to help you in your search.

The first service we provide is our New On Yard update. Every time our team adds a new vehicle to our inventory, it's published to our New On Yard list. Using the pull-down menus in the "See What's New" form above, you can select one or multiple Pull-A-Part locations and pick the time frame you would like to search. This will show you all the vehicles that have been added at the location(s) you specified over the course of the past 24 hours, 48 hours or past seven days. Once you've made your selections and clicked the "Display New On Yard" button, we will show you all of the new vehicles that have been added to those locations during this time, along with the following information:

  • The vehicle's year, make and model
  • The date the vehicle was added to the yard
  • The vehicle's location (row number) at the yard
  • The vehicle's Style, Engine, Color, Transmission, Drive Type, and Fuel Type details

In addition to our New On Yard updates, we also provide a free alert service called Notify Me. Just tell us the year, make and model vehicle(s) you are looking for and which location(s) you would like us to monitor for you and we will send you an email or text as soon as the vehicle has been added to our inventory.

Pull-A-Part adds thousands of used and junk cars to buy and to salvage to our inventory every week. Monitoring our New On Yard updates or signing-up for Notify Me alerts will ensure you are first to know when a vehicle you are looking for has arrived.