Who Buys Old Cars that Don't Work?

It may be a bit counterintuitive, but there are many people and companies that are very interested in buying old cars that don’t work. Depending on who you are, if you are not a mechanic or in the auto industry, you might be a bit confused by this thought. You need a car that works. If a car is broken down, a piece of junk, a clunker, then it doesn’t really have any value to you — after all it won’t get you anywhere.  But to others, there is value, especially when you have the tools, people, and resources to scrap these cars that don’t work. When a car stops going, it’s time to strip and scrap.


Selling your old broken down cars that don’t work anymore, to a junkyard that buys cars, is the easiest way to get rid of that old clunker. At Pull-Part we buy old cars that don't work for these reasons:

  • We sell used auto parts — our customers come to our junkyard to pick and pull the parts directly out of our junk cars. Many old cars still have parts that are valuable to automobile collectors, used auto parts that still work, tires, brake pads, and many other parts. 
  • We strip the metals. Cars are built with precious metals that can be stripped, separated, reused, and recycled. These metals can be easily reused in many other products. This reduces the need to mine these metals from the earth, which in return is helping the environment. 
  • We recycle the rest. Think about if the gas in the shed sat there a little too long. You have to properly dispose of old gasoline, right?! Same with the plastics, metals, and other materials that are used to build our cars. If we just let them sit there and rot, these materials start to break down and they will leech into the ground and contribute to pollution. Junkyards like Pull-A-Part have the processes, tools, and machinery to properly strip old cars and recycle their parts properly. 


People love cars! The automobile is a part of our American DNA. And when you were 16, no matter the decade, that car you got made an emotional impact. For this reason, people all over the US buy old cars so they can restore them so they can drive their old car and tap into those old feelings. While you may have an old car that isn’t anything special, there are in many cases interchangeable parts that can be used in older cars. Sometimes an enthusiast  may have put the engine of a Chevy Camaro in the hood of an old 1950’s Ford pickup truck. So they may come to the junkyard looking for used auto parts for that Camaro engine. You never know!


Car dealers typically won’t buy an old car that doesn’t work. If it still runs, well, then it does have value. A car dealership will likely buy your old car no matter what. This is because they want you to buy a new car from them.  In either case, depending on the condition, the dealer will likely send the old car that runs to the auction; and then the old cars that don’t run would be sold to a junkyard like Pull-A-Part. They love us because we will give the market value, and will come tow the car away for free. We do that for those that aren’t car dealers too. If you have a junk car, we will come get it today — dealer or not. 


There are small companies and individual people that will buy junk cars from you. You can Google “who buys old cars that don’t work” and you will see some of them appear in the search results and in the ads. If you are near a Pull-A-Part junkyard then you will likely see us too. We are different from a junk car buyer, in that we are junk car buyers, but also so much more at the same time. Junk car buyers are like brokers. They will buy your old car and then go sell it to a junkyard like us, or a recycling company, or even a mechanic. With Pul-A-Part, we pay the fair market value of your old junk car. With junk car buyers, you could get more or less, depending on the deal you make with them. And that’s really the difference, if you like to wheel and deal, then this is your choice. If you want an easy, fair, and fast solution, then contact Pull-A-Part today.

At the end of the day, there is a second life for your old car that doesn’t work. Just because it doesn’t work, and it’s a junk car to you — it’s a junk car you can sell. You have choices, and now you can see why that second life exists for your old car. And it’s that second life for your old car that can put some extra cash into your pocket, while also helping the environment by engaging in the process of reuse and recycling. 

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