When is My Car Too Valuable to Sell to a Junk Yard?


Are you ready to part ways with your old car? You may be asking yourself: “What’s my junk car worth?” or “Should I junk my car?” It’s important to know when to scrap a car for cash and when not to. Before you call an auto salvage yard, make sure your hunk of metal doesn’t fall into one of these categories.


  1. Still under warranty
  2. Has 100,000 miles or less
  3. 6 years old or newer
  4. Part of a limited production
  5. Considered a classic
  6. Considered a high-end exotic, even if it’s not in good shape

If your old vehicle falls into one of those categories, it’s likely more valuable than any auto salvage yard could pay you for, and you’re better off selling it another way. But if lots of expensive repairs are adding up and it's got a lot of miles, consider selling it for scrap if it has a low resale value.

If your car doesn't have much value left, you may be surprised how much a junkyard or salvage yard like Pull-A-Part will pay you for it. If you are ready to sell your junk car and want to know how much Pull-A-Part will pay you for it, please use the tools on our website to find out more.

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