How Long Should You Keep a Car


So your car isn't dead yet, but you're already making funeral arrangements? When deciding how much longer you should keep your car, there’s no easy timeline that works for every vehicle. The truth is every car eventually ends up in an auto salvage yard. Some makes and models make that trip sooner than others. Read on if your car is starting to require expensive repairs. It might make more sense to get cash for your junk car, rather than spending cash to fix it.

To get a good idea of how long you should keep your car, take a look at how similar models are preforming over time.Car compares the number of consumer complaints, the average repair bill, and the mileage the repair was usually required. If you have a costly problem like the transmission or the engine, which may exceed the car's value, consider calling Pull-A-Part and selling your car for cash.

There are common makes and models that are known to have problems, and these cars are the ones you shouldn’t plan on keeping for too long. Here are some cars you might expect expensive trouble from as they get older:

To determine if you should keep your car, also consider insurance costs, future repairs, and fuel economy - or lack of it! You could be doing yourself a financial favor by junking the car and buying something more economical.

Still not sure if you should sell your car? Read more about when it's time to junk your car. If you are ready to sell, be sure to check out our tips for everything you should do before you sell.

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