2003 Honda Accord Transmission Problems


Sad but true, 2003 Honda Accord transmissions start slipping at around 90,000 miles and are likely to need replacement according to CarComplaints.com.

Tranny failure actually popped up more than you'd think for the Accord and other Honda models in the early 2000s. So what's a repair like this going to cost you? About $2,700 bucks. If you make it to 100,000 miles you're lucky. So it's math time again. If you’re having problems with your 2003 Honda Accord, do you sink nearly $3,000 into a car that's worth about $4,000 according to Kelly Blue Book?

Plus you can expect that an 11-year-old car with over 100K miles will need more than just the transmission repaired. The total bill is really going to add up, and it might not be worth it. But you have a way out! We’ll buy used Hondas, even with transmission problems! Call the junk car specialists at Pull-A-Part before you pay for costly repairs. It might be time to squeeze this lemon out of your life. When you are ready to sell your old Honda Accord for cash, please consider getting a quote from Pull-A-Part to see how much we will pay you for it versus other junk car buyers.

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