2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Problems?


If you have an old Ford Explorer that is having transmission problems, it's not worth fixing - especially if it's a 2002-2005 model year Ford Explorer. Unfortunately, while other model years are great SUVs, these model years were known to have a lot of transmission problems - and a transmission is one of the most expensive car repairs you can make on an old vehicle. It's simply not worth it, no matter how strong of an emotional attachment you have to your Ford Explorer. And if you do have an emotional attachment and don't see how you could possibly sell your junk SUV to Pull-A-Part, at least get a free online quote (or call us for a free quote) to see how much cash we would pay you for it. You might find it easier to part with your Explorer once you find out how much cash you can get for it.


As we mentioned above, it's well known that 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Explorers had transmission issues. If you own a Ford Explorer in one of these model years and have more than 90,000 miles on it, you have either already had to deal with transmission repairs or you are going to have to repair the transmission in the future. If you need to fix the transmission on an old SUV like the 2002-2005 Ford Explorer, expect to pay as much as $3,000 or more. Let's be honest, it's not worth investing that kind of money in an old SUV like that. You could find a used SUV at Pull-A-Part or another used car dealer in your area for less than that (if you're interested, you can check our current used cars for sale in the used car section of our website).

2002 Ford Explorer transmission problems

Unfortunately, 2002 Ford Explorer transmission problems are fairly common. In fact, according to CarComplaints.com they have many mechanical maladies. Next one on the list - wheel bearing failures, and those are dangerous. Do not continue to drive the car if you start hearing an annoying grinding noise. The bad wheel can suddenly lock up and you are likely to have an accident. But the repair is going to cost $810. So what's a 12-year-old Ford Explorer worth? Well, if it already has a bad tranny or bum bearings you'd be lucky to get $2,700 in a private party sale.

Do the math. Do you want to spend thousands of bucks to fix a Ford Explorer with transmission problems that's not worth much? Or cut a deal with Pull-A-Part and get some fast cash for the your junk Ford. It's a pretty heavy vehicle, and we pay by the pound. Get started now by filling out the form on the right or just call!

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