5 Local Places to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

If you want to make a lot of money quickly, selling your junk car for cash is one way to do it. It's not always easy to find a buyer for your old vehicle, though. They are usually looking for high-quality cars in good condition and have low mileage, which yours doesn't meet. The best option is often finding a reputable company that will buy your vehicle from you no matter the condition or age because they specialize in buying used cars at low prices! We've compiled this list of 5 local-ish places where you can sell a junk car for cash today.



A great option if you're looking to find someone interested in buying your junk car is heading down to a local junkyard like Pull-A-Part. Most of the time, these places will buy your car no matter what the condition it's in and will probably offer you a reasonable price as well. They buy so much scrap metal because they'll turn it into usable parts or sell it to other companies for them to use. So if you have an old junky-looking car, but are still driving it around town, take it down to one of these places and see what they say.



Craigslist is a classified ads website where people advertise items for sale and services they need. For those who want to sell their old junk cars, putting an ad on the site is an excellent idea as you can reach many different buyers around your area. However, you will have to pay for premium ads which mean that only serious buyers who are willing to pay for this service will see your post and contact you.



Another great option that you can try is to head down to local car dealerships. Most dealerships will pay cash for cars that are being sold just like yours. However, it will depend on how many vehicles are sold at the dealership. If there aren't many sales going on, they might not be willing to purchase your car from you, but if it's a busy time, definitely take it down. You can get more money for it by selling to a private buyer rather than trading in the car at the dealership, so taking it down there is a great option.



Sell your car company and car buyers can help you sell that old beat-up piece of junk in your driveway. Your junk car may be just what another driver needs to get around town or help them get to work. No matter how many requests from people who want to buy your junk car, make sure you find a reliable company that will come to your location and pays promptly. Many people may not always pay after taking off with your junk car. So, be careful even when it's about money! Call us today and we will take your old vehicle away and give you cash.



Selling an old, damaged, or junk car on eBay is a great option. All you have to do is take good pictures of your vehicle and post them with all the information, including the year it was manufactured, its mileage, any damage or rust spots. Be sure to set a price for this car that reflects its value, not just what you hope someone will pay for it! Keep in mind that most people looking through listings on eBay are ready to buy right away, so you need to make sure that your listing looks professional and trustworthy.

Use good pictures, clear explanations and include as much information about your car as possible. You can also offer free pick-up if necessary but keep in mind that this will be an additional cost to the buyer! When you use eBay, it's important to remember that your listing will remain online until someone buys it. 

Ebay is an excellent option to sell cars. Whether it is running or not, eBay can help you with that. You have to post a free ad and wait for the right buyer to come along. Before posting your ad on eBay, though, make sure all of your information is accurate so your potential buyers can get in touch with you with ease! Another great thing about selling through eBay is that they will offer various ways for you to get paid, including PayPal, which offers safe transactions between buyers and sellers via their website.

Of course, you can try many other options to make some extra cash, but these are the most common ones that people use. If you're trying to sell your car to a junkyard or dealership, then how much money you'll get will depend on the condition of your vehicle and how much it's worth! Pull-A-Part is great because we buy up cars no matter their condition. When selling online, be careful with whom you choose because users will take your information without offering any real services. Make sure you know as much as possible about the company before doing business with them! If you follow these tips, you'll have a better chance of getting top dollar for your old car.

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