January 01, 2001

Customer Spotlight highlights loyal customers and fans who depend on Pull-A-Part to keep their cars in great shape. If you’d like to share your story, use the Contact Us form on to tell us about your journey.

It’s a nightmare you never expect: walking out to your driveway to find an empty space.

“I woke up in the morning, and didn’t know if I had really parked it,” Athlette Martin said. “My kids said, ‘Yes, we were eating last night. The keys are right there.’”

Martin’s car was demolished when authorities found it. Her mechanic was confused when he saw the car, which was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be salvaged. Unplanned expenses always seem to arrive at the worst time — so her mechanic suggested a trip to Pull-A-Part.

“My son is a disabled vet,” Martin said. “He got sick and wound up in the hospital. Over the past four weeks, everyone here has been calling to make sure I was fine.”

Pull-A-Part associates are well-known for friendly service when it’s needed most. According to Martin, Pull-A-Part Lafayette staff went the extra mile from the moment she stepped in the store until the moment she took the keys to her new car.

“This is heaven,” Martin said. “I’ve never been treated like that in my life.”

Pull-A-Part Lafayette Used Cars Manager Troy McGee took the time to get to know Martin and her automotive needs. After a quick used car inventory search, he found just the car: an Infiniti I35 in excellent condition. Clean, reliable — with a touch of style to turn Martin’s difficult situation into a success story.

“As soon as I came, they said, ‘Just wait here, and Troy will bring you to whatever you need,’” Martin said. “They had vehicles out here, and he said, ‘This is the one for you.’”

Once McGee selected the perfect car, he expected to see Martin back in the store soon to finish the deal. When she didn’t come back, he followed up with a phone call. That’s when he found out she was at the hospital.

“My commission is helping people,” McGee said. “That’s what I get back: seeing their faces when they leave. If they have questions or concerns — I’m here.”

McGee stayed in touch, checking on her to make sure she was making it through a difficult time. Luckily, by the time Martin and her son were all better, the car was still available. McGee had it washed and ready for Martin to take delivery on a beautiful Louisiana summer day.

“These people are immaculate,” Martin said as she took the keys to drive away. “They’ve really helped me.”

Several Pull-A-Part stores sell used cars. To check inventory and pricing, find your local store page on and select “Used Cars”.