September 06, 2022

Pull-A-Part was proud to once again partner with law enforcement for the 70th Annual International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) International Training Conference. Every year, law enforcement from across the globe comes together to train in auto theft investigation. They are able to share insights, share tactics, see the newest technology for investigations, and they are able to hear from industry professionals like those from Pull-A-Part about how law enforcement and the private sector can partner to clamp down on motor vehicle crimes. Derick Corbett, SVP at Pull-A-Part said, "Supporting the folks at IAATI and the work they do is an investment in our success. We are really proud of the agencies that serve our 36 stores across 16 states, and without them we'd be in big trouble. Supporting this event, and spending time and resources to aid in investigations year round, are just a few of the ways we partner with law enforcement."

IAATI was formed in 1952 and has over 2,000 members representing 58 countries.  Corbett stated, "IAATI knows that the greatest weapon we have to combat auto crimes is cooperation, and we at Pull-A-Part know that auto recyclers must be a big part of that cooperation. We look forward to working together to put a stop to auto crimes."

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