February 01, 2021

New Service Gives Customers Added Speed and Convenience When Buying Used Auto Parts From a DIY Salvage Yard

DORAVILLE, GA – Pull-A-Part, a leading used auto parts retailer operating 25 stores nationwide, today announced it has added a part-pulling service for customers. This new service will allow customers to request a used auto part be removed from a vehicle for them, in exchange for a service fee of $5 to $30 depending on the part. Customers previously only had the option to bring in their tools and remove the auto part themselves, which is Pull-A-Part’s primary business model as a do-it-yourself (DIY) used auto parts store.

Pull-A-Part has been a leader in the self-service salvage yard business for years, providing easy and convenient options to help consumers search for, find, and remove used auto parts. This DIY model, combined with Pull-A-Part’s frequently updated inventory, are the key ingredients that help customers find the part they need at the lowest-possible price. With its new part-pulling service, Pull-A-Part is adding a “Do It For Me” option for customers – and even with the additional service fee, customers can still take advantage of Pull-A-Part’s low prices.

“We’ve always helped save our customers a lot of money on used auto parts with our DIY salvage yard model,” says Ross Kogon, CEO of Pull-A-Part. “Most retailers and restaurants now offer curbside or car-side options for customers, and we recognize we need to provide more speed and convenience for our customers as well. Customers who pull parts themselves will continue to save the most money, but for a small service fee, we believe some customers will opt to simply have one of our employees pull the part for them.”

To utilize the parts-pulling service, customers first need to visit their local Pull-A-Part store to confirm the part is available. Customers can search inventory online or in-store, and once they find the vehicle they are looking for, Pull-A-Part makes it easy to find it in its organized yard using maps, section markers, and vehicle row numbers. Once the customer has confirmed the part is available, they can request the part-pulling service, pay the service fee, and either wait for the part or come back and pick it up at a more convenient time.

Pull-A-Part now offers part-pulling services for a limited number of part types at all 25 of its stores. The company is evaluating new parts to add to its part-pulling list, but already offers the service for more than 70 parts at most locations. Part-pulling fees currently range from $5 to $30 based on the time required to remove the part for customers. To check the current list of part pulling service options and related part-pulling fees, please visit our website at: https://www.pullapart.com/partpulling. In most cases, the combined cost of the part, related fees, and the new part-pulling service fee is lower than purchasing a used part elsewhere (and significantly lower that purchasing the part from a traditional aftermarket auto parts retailer).

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