November 03, 2023

ATLANTA, GA – Pull-A-Part, the largest privately owned automotive recycler in America, opened its doors to the enthusiastic students of Dekalb High School of Technology North’s automotive program. This initiative, which included one of Pull-A-Part's own part-time employees and current student of the Dekalb High School of Technology North, Jonathan, aimed to foster automotive knowledge, inspire future professionals, and strengthen community bonds. Students from this program learn basic skills needed to gain employment in the automotive industry. The program, led by Dan Lee, has made bringing the students to all 3 of the Atlanta area Pull-A-Part locations a staple in the curriculum.

Pull-A-Part provided 33 students with the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the automotive salvage industry while gaining invaluable insights into responsible vehicle recycling practices. Derick Corbett, Senior Vice President at Pull-A-Part said the initiative is one of Pull-A-Part’s many partnership tools used to help develop youth around the country. Corbett said, “We’re lucky to have a partner like Dan Lee, and his effort aligns seamlessly with Pull-A-Part's dedication to building communities through youth development.”

During their visit, students, including Jonathan, were guided through Pull-A-Part's facilities. They observed the entire process, from the acquisition of vehicles, pre-processing and decontamination, their careful placement in the yard, and the post-processing process where vehicles are disassembled for recycling. Pull-A-Part partners with the students allowing them to pull parts needed for vehicles at the school. They have contests throughout the day and teams are tasked with different part pulls to gain experience.  Dan Lee said that the program is an incredible benefit to his students, adding “This hands-on experience really excites my students and inspires focus, and it really highlights Pull-A-Part’s commitment to their communities and support for youth development.”

Corbett said that Pull-A-Part was thrilled to showcase its operations to the bright young minds from Dekalb Highschool of Technology North and that this class was particularly exciting as it hosts 7 young women in the class this year. “It’s exciting to see the evolution of the automotive industry and to see more women following their passion to turn a wrench. This year’s class is one of the largest classes of young women to date, and I know Mr. Lee and the school are very proud.” He went on to say, “Pull-A-Part believes that by providing unique educational experiences like these we can inspire these students, like Jonathan, to pursue careers in the automotive industry and make meaningful contributions to their communities.”

Corbett said Pull-A-Part’s goal is to send students home with a greater understanding of automotive recycling, an appreciation for sustainable practices, and a clear vision of the exciting career possibilities within the industry.


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