December 19, 2021

Funds Raised Will Provide Holiday Gifts and Related Assistance

For More Than 40 Families In 12 States This Holiday Season

Pull-A-Part is an active part of the communities we serve, which includes helping our neighbors when they need it. During the holidays, when requests for assistance increase significantly, Pull-A-Part runs an Adopt-A-Family Program, which calls upon our community members join us in our efforts to help local families in need.

Pull-A-Part collects donations for Adopt-A-Family through a combination of direct contributions and asking customers to add $1 or more to their purchase - or to round-up their purchase – as a donation to help the family (or families) each store has “adopted” for this year and a direct contribution from each store. Pull-A-Part is proud to announce that between November 12th and December 17th, our stores collected more than $33,000 in donations for Adopt-A-Family, making it possible for us to meet the needs of more than 40 families in all the communities we are actively involved in.

As a unique aspect of this fundraising effort, our local stores are responsible for choosing the families they help each year – based on nominations from employees or business partners, or from requests they receive from local organizations they partner with in the community. Once they choose their families, each store sets its own fundraising goal and takes responsibility for raising the money necessary to help these families.

“This is what Building Communities is all about,” says Derick Corbett, SVP External Affairs, Pull-A-Part. “We empower our stores to find and serve families in our communities who need help. The variety and diversity of organizations we’ve partnered with this year through our Adopt-A-Family Program is impressive – it’s a wonderful example of how when we work together with our neighbors, we can build stronger communities. We are grateful for the support and generosity of our customers, partners, and employees which have made this year’s Adopt-A-Family campaign our most-successful to date.”  

As an example of how some stores choose which families to ‘adopt’ through this program, Pull-A-Part Birmingham received employee nominations to help three different families who were significantly impacted by severe floods in their area this past year. Pull-A-Part Tucson received 10 separate requests to help families in their community this year – and rather than decide which of those 10 families to adopt, the team took on the additional work to raise the money to support all 10 families.

While many Pull-A-Part stores select families in their local communities based on nominations or requests from local organizations, some select local families through their partnerships with groups like Soldier's Angels, an organization that provides support to military, veterans, and their families year-round. During the holidays, Soldier's Angels identifies families in need and relies on organizations like Pull-A-Part to 'adopt' these families, which includes purchasing, wrapping, and delivering gifts for military and veterans' children. This holiday season, 17 of Pull-A-Part’s stores have adopted local Soldier’s Angels families (21 in total) for the holidays.

“Whether it is providing jobs for veterans or helping families in times of need, Pull-A-Part has a long history serving our active-duty service members and military veterans,” adds Corbett. “Soldier’s Angels is a natural extension of that service and is an opportunity we are proud to be a part of. We can’t thank our active service members, military veterans, and their families enough for their service and sacrifices in defense of our freedom.”

All 25 Pull-A-Part stores exceeded their Adopt-A-Family donation goals this year, making it possible for us to meet the needs of 41 families across all the communities we are proud to be a part of. Thanks to the generosity of our community, the surplus donations raised for Adopt-A-Family this year also made it possible for us to donate more than $7,000 to The Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts underway in several areas of the U.S. These additional funds will go directly towards helping families in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri who were victims of the recent destructive and deadly storms and tornadoes that severely impacted many communities in these states.

In total, the donations made through the Adopt-A-Family Program will provide much-needed assistance for more than 40 families in need this holiday season. For a complete summary of each store’s local Adopt-A-Family efforts for our 2021 campaign, please visit our detailed summary page.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Building Communities Team about the Adopt-A-Family Program or any of our local community efforts, please contact us. Happy Holidays!

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