Scrap Recyclers Association of Alabama Day on The Hill 2024

May 01, 2024

Pull-A-Part remains dedicated to ethical and sustainable recycling practices, exemplified by its participation in events like the Scrap Recyclers Association of Alabama's (SRAA) Day on The Hill. Derick Corbett, a Board Member of SRAA, proudly represented Pull-A-Part at this event. SRAA's Day on The Hill provided a valuable platform for SRAA board members, guests, and industry peers to engage directly with legislators. Conversations revolve around urgent matters impacting Alabama's metal recycling sector, emphasizing the need to cultivate a cooperative bond between policymakers and industry figures. Pull-A-Part acknowledges the pivotal function of legislative advocacy in molding the recycling landscape of the states we serve. Through engagements such as SRAA's Day on The Hill, Pull-A-Part actively contributes to well-informed dialogues, supports policies fostering environmental responsibility, and champions initiatives that propel the recycling industry forward. For more on our environmental sustainability, visit 

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