December 08, 2023

Pull-A-Part is honored to host Councilwoman Tara Graves and Councilwoman Alecia Washington, representing Stonecrest's Districts 1 and 3 respectively, at our Atlanta East facility in Stonecrest, Georgia. We were proud to showcase our operation and give an in-depth look at the public service the auto recycling industry provides communities across America. During their visit, the council members were able to experience the path of an end-of-vehicle from beginning (the purchase of the vehicle) to the very end (when the car is crushed). They were able to see firsthand the lengths we go through to decontaminate the vehicle of its environmental hazards, how we handle the scrapping process to remove VINs from the active automotive population, the reuse of auto parts to extend their life, and ultimately, the vehicle’s responsible disposal. Pull-A-Part is thankful for the time they spent with us, and we are especially grateful for their willingness to visit the many operations in their districts to gain a true understanding of how these operations contribute to the betterment of Stonecrest.

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