July 20, 2021

Pull-A-Part has always had a great relationship with first responders in our communities. These local heroes save lives day in and day out, and the least that we can do is to help them save money on the parts they need to maintain the vehicles they need to get to work saving those lives. While Pull-A-Part regularly provides discounts and always provides free admission for first responders, you might not know that we also open our doors regularly to provide a place for first responders to train.

Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit your local Pull-A-Part you find the local fire department or police department out on the yard. Hopefully it’s not because of an emergency, but more often than not, the team is out there practicing the skills they need to save lives when they are on the job. As two quick examples:

  • Fire Departments regularly practice vehicle extraction methods and procedures. This includes using powerful, specialized tools to cut through metal in order to gain access to injured passengers at the scene of an accident. These tools, often referred to as the ‘jaws of life’ require training and practice to be able to quickly gain access to injured passengers. At our Atlanta North location alone, we have hosted three fire departments for this type of training at our yards.
  • Police Departments have used our yards for a variety of training exercises, including vehicle searches using K-9 officers or procedures for working as a team to subdue or remove a hostile – possibly armed – suspect from a vehicle during a motor vehicle stop.

The training needs of first responders vary from department and type of organization, but when departments call on us to open our facility for their personnel to train, we become the first ones to respond.

Pull-A-Part has hosted training for first responders at several locations in the past, including its Atlanta, Augusta, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville locations – to name a few. The pictures with this post serve as an example of some of the recent training our first responders have done at Pull-A-Part.

Supporting the training needs of our first responders is just one of the many ways Pull-A-Part is Building Communities in the areas we operate. If you represent one of our local fire, police, or similar departments and have a need for training with vehicles - or in an environment like our salvage yards provide - please contact our Building Communities team and we’ll help you secure what you need and schedule time for your training at a Pull-A-Part near you.

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