December 18, 2020

Last November, Honduras was impacted by two separate natural disasters. On November 5, 2020, Tropical Storm Eta hit the country. Less than two weeks later, on November 18, 2020, Hurricane Iota made landfall. The storms hit northern Honduras, devastating the region and leaving entire communities in desperate need of assistance.

The destruction caused by these storms adds to a range of crises the country and its citizens have already been struggling with in recent years, including state repression, gang violence, economic problems, environmental destruction, mass emigration, and most recently, COVID-19 (according to Amnesty International).

In the days following Eta and Iota, several of our employees and partners reached out to us sharing stories about family members and friends living in Honduras and how bad the situation had gotten, asking if there was something we could do to help.

On December 15, 2020, we launched “Help for Honduras” (see details in our press release announcing this effort) and turned seven of our Gulf Stores into donation centers to support the cause. Over the course of three months, thanks to the generosity of our customers and employees, we collected more than $6,000 and enough supplies to provide more than 200 families with a month’s supply of food, water, and other necessities.

In April, several of our team members traveled to 10 different villages in Tela, Honduras, to personally distribute the supplies and related aid to families in need (as seen in a few pictures our team shared from their journey).

Pull-A-Part has a legacy of serving others, which is what our “Building Communities” efforts are all about. The distance was further from the communities we normally serve, but the cause was close to home for our people – our Pull-A-Part family – making the opportunity and decision to serve no different. If you were one of the many who lent your support for “Help for Honduras,” we thank you.

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