December 06, 2023

Pull-A-Part sponsored Colton with Kane Motorsports has concluded a stellar racing season, finishing just one point away from the championship title. Their journey was not only about thrilling races but also about making a profound impact beyond the track. Throughout the season, Colton's outstanding driving skills propelled him to consistent top 5 finishes, each of which triggered Pull-A-Part's donation of $100 to Kane's Warrior Kids foundation. This charitable initiative holds immense significance, aiding families with children battling cancer. Their dedication to supporting Kane's Warrior Kids highlights their profound care for the community, showing that their passion extended far beyond the confines of the racetrack. Their season wasn't just about winning races; it was about creating hope and support for families facing challenging circumstances. Colton and Kane Motorsports stand as shining examples of determination, skill, and compassion, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond their remarkable racing accomplishments. Pull-A-Part is proud to team up with Kane Motorsports for an incredible 15th consecutive year, and we are grateful to be a small part of the big work they do lifting those in need.

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