View and Manage VIP Account Info in the VIP Club Dashboard

VIP Club Dashboard Guide

How to View, Manage, and Update your VIP Club Membership Benefits and Account Information Online

All VIP Club Members can view, manage, and update their benefits and account information by logging into their account via a computer or mobile device. This account management area is called your VIP Club Dashboard, and this Guide provides an overview of how to use the Dashboard to get the most out of your VIP Club Membership.

To get started, log into your VIP Club Dashboard here and follow the steps and/or watch the video below to learn how to use your account. If you don’t have or remember your username and password, you can reset it from the login page as well.

Take a Guided Tour of the VIP Club Dashboard

Pull-A-Part VIP Dashboard Guide

VIP Dashboard Guide

Follow the steps below to learn about the different features of the VIP Club Dashboard. This Guide will help you learn where to find important information about your VIP Club activity, how to update your preferences, as well as how to use some of the tools we’ve provided to help you save time and money on your future visits.

  1. When you first log into your account, you will see a summary of your information on the main screen of your VIP Club Dashboard, including your name, how long you’ve been a VIP for, your VIP Number (your ID number), your preferred store, and any Store Credits, Admission Credits or VIP Rewards you may have earned so far this year. Review this information to check that everything is correct (we’ve shared tips on how to update incorrect information below).
  2. Beyond your basic information, you will see the following sections in your account (four boxes below your summary information):
    • Receipts: when you use your VIP Club Membership at checkout, a digital copy of all your receipts is automatically stored in your VIP Club account. No more hunting around for lost receipts!
    • Warranties: warranty information for any parts you purchase (including extended warranties you may have purchased) are located in this section. You can easily check when your parts warranty expires in this area.
    • Credits: you can check the amount of store credit or VIP Rewards you have earned on past parts purchases in the Credits area of your VIP Club account.
    • Cores: if you were charged a Core Deposit for any part you purchased, but haven't returned that part yet, you can view that information in the Cores section of your account (as well as the history of your past Core Returns).

      You can quickly access all of the above information by clicking on the VIP Wallet link in your account (particularly helpful when you are on your mobile device).

  3. Additional VIP Dashboard Features:
    • Message Center: you can use our FREE Notify Me service to be notified when specific year/make/model vehicles arrive at any of our locations. You can choose between email or text alerts for Notify Me and can review, update, or delete any alerts in the Message Center section of your account.
    • Quick Links: we also provide quick links to helpful tools you can use to keep up with inventory updates or research parts pricing at your preferred location(s). These tools include:
      • Inventory Search: You can use Inventory Search from within your VIP Club Dashboard, which saves you additional steps on the website. Inventory for all locations is updated regularly and you can search by location, year, make, model, and other details to help you find the vehicles you are looking for. We also now include photos for many of the vehicles in our inventory, along with specifics about when the vehicle arrived and where it is located (to help you plan your trip to the yard).
      • Interchange Search: You can also search our Interchange from within the VIP Club Dashboard. This tool is helpful for finding vehicles with compatible parts – so even if we don’t have the specific YEAR/MAKE/MODEL vehicle you are looking for at your preferred location(s), you may be able to find a different vehicle that may have compatible parts that meet your needs.
      • New On Yard: We update our “New On Yard” page for your preferred location(s) every time we add new vehicles to the yard. Since parts are available to pull on a first come, first served basis, the New On Yard list is a great way to find new vehicles which may have the parts you are looking for.
      • Notify Me: Better yet, you can setup free alerts to be notified when specific YEAR/MAKE/MODEL vehicles arrive at any of our locations using our Notify Me service. When we add new vehicles at your preferred location(s) that match your alerts, we’ll send you an email or text (based on your preferences) as soon as the vehicle arrives. And as mentioned above, you can manage your Notify Me alerts in the Message Center area of your account.

If you need additional assistance using your VIP Club Dashboard or have questions about your VIP Club account, please refer to the VIP Club FAQs in our FAQ section or use our contact form to request assistance (please select “VIP Club” from the pulldown menu on the contact form).

Thank you for being a VIP Club Member! We look forward to seeing you again soon!