April 19, 2021

Kane may have taken the podium, but Kane’s Warrior Kids were the real winners this weekend in Florida. Every time Kane scores a top-five finish, Pull-A-Part donates $100 to Kane’s Warrior Kids, a fund that directly assists the families of kids affected by pediatric cancer.

“We had a wonderful return to 5 Flags Speedway after taking over a month to fix damage from the last time we raced there,” Kane said. “During practice, I missed an accident in front of us, but that was the only drama for us during the night.”

Kane’s classic Chevy Malibu caught fans’ eyes with special blue LED interior lighting, a salute to the Dallas Police Department. The number 5 car’s “We Stand With Dallas” windshield banner glinted underneath the speedway lights as the 20-lap Bomber class race roared to life. Tension ran strong between drivers slighted by each other in past races, but subsided as the race laps wore on. All in all, it was a clean race, with Kane maintaining his top-five qualifying position to finish third in the feature race.

“On our car, we run handprints signed by kids from all over the country who have cancer,” Kane said. “When they mail the stickers back, they usually send pictures or a story. When we show the car at an event, we bring them out. It’s an opportunity to share their stories and collect money from the fans. Then, that money is given directly to them.”

So far, Kane’s Warrior Kids has been able to support some of the Gulf Coast’s most needy pediatric cancer patients with groceries, fuel for transportation to the hospital and even toys during the holidays. Kane is known to show up at a hospital in full race gear with fellow racers in tow, giving tours of the racecar to overjoyed kids who sometimes haven’t smiled in days.

5 Flags Speedway is a half-mile asphalt track in Pensacola, about an hour east of Pull-A-Part Mobile. The track plays host to 5 Flags Drifting, where cars as diverse as a four-door Skyline and a classic Datsun 720 pickup have been known to slide the course.  And, should racers find themselves in need of hard-to-find OEM spares, Pull-A-Part Mobile is within easy reach.

Catch Derek Kane Long this season as he continues to raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer. Follow him on Instagram for the latest trackside news.