January 01, 2001

As Louisiana musters the strength to rebuild after historic flooding across the state, Pull-A-Part is happy to report that all Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans employees are safe and accounted for. Though the cities of Baton Rouge and Lafayette experienced massive flooding, both Pull-A-Part locations were spared from flooding and have reopened to help customers get back on the road.

“Everybody came back in a positive light,” said Pull-A-Part of Baton Rouge Manager Tanner Briggs. “About 70% of our employees were impacted, and all but one have returned to work. Our employees have bounced back really strong — and a lot are thankful that Pull-A-Part is still here. I’m personally very proud of how strong our employees are.”

Pull-A-Part of Baton Rouge is located on Greenwell Springs Road, one of the worst-flooded areas of the city. Though Pull-A-Part was spared and did not flood at all, police and fire stations down the street were flooded up to their roofs.

“You could see them paddling through the streets to save people from roofs,” Briggs said. “All of them were out in force, risking themselves to save people in their boats. Police presence has been really powerful — and it’s good to see.”

Hundreds of public safety workers from around the country have traveled to Louisiana to help aid recovery efforts. As always, Pull-A-Part offers free entry to first responders and members of the military as a token of our thanks.

“Everybody in Baton Rouge really pulled together to make it happen, from the Coast Guard to private citizens who have boats,” Briggs said. “That’s going to be reflected in our quick comeback. People are getting back to work.”

The day Pull-A-Part reopened for business, several customers stopped in for smaller items needed to get their cars running again. For some, a trip to Pull-A-Part was a way to start planning a path to recovery.

“We had a couple people who came through that just needed a place to go that wasn’t underwater — just to shop,” Briggs said. “They came to walk around for a few hours, be around cars and do their thing. A lot of them rely on us to keep their own businesses running, and they were thrilled.”

Pull-A-Part sends best wishes to our friends and neighbors affected by the Louisiana flood. Employees affected by the storm received care packages and scheduling relief to help in recovery. Each store will soon serve lunch to customers with admission to the yard during Customer Appreciation Day: Baton Rouge will host Customer Appreciation Day on September 28, and Lafayette will host Customer Appreciation Day on September 29.