January 01, 2001

Mark Campbell has been a weekly visitor to Pull-A-Part since the grand opening on June 6, 2006. Over the years, he said, technology has advanced, but the friendly store associates remain just as helpful.

At Pull-A-Part, an anniversary signifies more than serving our customers with quality used auto parts at affordable prices. On June 4, 2016, Pull-A-Part Louisville marked ten years of wetland conservation, fire and rescue extrication training, community involvement and environmentally responsible vehicle recycling.

Among the car club members, Pull-A-Part executives and loyal customers in attendance was Mark Campbell, who was present at the store’s grand opening on June 6, 2006.

“What hit me was how clean and organized it was and how friendly the staff was,” Campbell said of the store’s grand opening. “It wasn’t like going to a junkyard. The staff dealt with you like it was a proper retail store. I liked the fact that it was fixed-price for each part, no matter what car you were working on. That made my job simpler.”

Campbell had a mobile car repair business at the time, and passed on his Pull-A-Part savings to his customers. Sometimes, a part from Pull-A-Part was five times cheaper than a retail parts store’s price — and his grateful customers noticed.

“In general, people are a lot busier today than they were ten years ago,” Campbell said. “Money’s tight. But the tidiness is the same. The staff on the whole are still happy and helpful.”

Campbell remembers that, ten years ago, staff members were the only ones who had access to the store’s computerized inventory. Unlike today’s user-friendly touchscreen interface, there was no Notify Me function or New on Yard listing. Today, he says, it’s much easier to simply look up vehicle inventory himself, especially when the store is busy — though he likes that there is always a store associate around in case help is needed.

Indiana Joe and Arrow, two locals with love for bongos, rocked the yard with a two-hour feel-good set.

Local jam band Indiana Joe and Arrow hit the bongos hard and fast, starting with an on-point cover of Filter’s “Take a Picture”. Somehow, the duo managed to ad-lib “Pull-A-Part” into mellow tunes from golden decades — so deftly that it seemed they were the natural lyrics all along.

Nick Cooper, a local short track hero, stopped by on his way to Sportsdrome Speedway to show off his Extreme Wing Figure Eight Racecar mere hours before a scheduled race. Towering Lexan panels bolt together to the generate massive downforce needed to rein in the high-horsepower V8 engine, which he fired up for a delighted crowd.

Nick Cooper races in the Extreme Wing Figure 8 series at nearby Sportsdrome Speedway. “I come here all the time,” Cooper said. “I love working on my cars myself.”

Kevin Wetherby, an associate who’s been with Pull-A-Part for years, recruited his wife and son to help serve a slow-cooked barbecue lunch from Mark’s Feed Store, a local culinary legend. About 400 people enjoyed plates prepared by team, many of whom were first-timers who had no idea they were visiting on such a special day.

Pull-A-Part loves a party. In fact, every month, each Pull-A-Part store throws their own Customer Appreciation Day, where lunch and refreshments are served to patrons in a gesture of thanks. Find the next official Pull-A-Part event near you, and join us for a good time in your neighborhood.