January 01, 2001

Shane Bond is originally from Mount Airy — a town better known as “Mayberry”, renamed for The Andy Griffith Show. Born and raised in North Carolina, Bond now finds himself as the Operations Manager for both Pull-A-Part stores in his state. September marks his eight-year anniversary with the company, and to this day, Bond advises people just starting their careers at Pull-A-Part to let their inner helper shine.

“It’s probably a change to you, different than anything that you’re used to for the most part, but it’s never boring,” Bond said. “Be a go-getter. Accept changes, move forward and you’ll go far.”

Meet Shane

What industry did you work in before you came to Pull-A-Part?

I was the warehouse manager and have a sales background for almost 20 years.


When was the first time you heard about Pull-A-Part?

A week before my interview. I was just looking for something three days per week.


What did you think working at Pull-A-Part would be like?

I knew it would be a change. It got me back outside, away from a desk or inside a building.


What was your biggest surprise once you started?

How much I loved it. After the training, when you get back to our new store. I was never bored. Each day is different.


How do you think your job helps you help people live a better life?

The right part for the lowest price. We give another option besides a person having to go to a dealership or an auto place and buy new. We offer the same parts, and taking it off yourself, you’re saving 50% or more.


Are you active in any interesting hobbies, pastimes or community activities?

I’m an outdoorsman. I like to hunt and fish. I don’t get time to fish the way I want to. I’m kind of an old farm boy, so I’ve messed with raising cattle. I used to run probably 200 head.


What is your favorite car you’ve ever owned?

I’m not a car man — I’m a truck man. My favorite, because I was in the cattle business, was my ‘96 Ford F-250 with the 7.3 turbo diesel. That was a good engine and a good all-around truck.