January 01, 2001

In Ohio, winter is no time to hibernate. When the deep freeze sets in, auto hobbyists get to work. Hobbyists and mechanics become artists, squirreled away with their projects until the springtime thaw. May marks the first chance for these artworks to hit the road, and the Canfield Swap Meet is one of the region’s largest kickoff events to celebrate the start of cruising season. Naturally, if treasure is to be found, Pull-A-Part is there.


Amber, a Pull-A-Part customer service specialist in Akron, brought out her ’64 Cadillac for a full weekend of fun underneath the Pull-A-Part tent. People new to Pull-A-Part learned about our self-service model, where pulling used auto parts yourself makes for some of the lowest used part prices in the industry. Of course, many attendees were already familiar with Pull-A-Part, too — and those who flashed their free VIP Club card received a special bonus surprise. Ohio is home to several social media-savvy parts pullers who share their handiwork with the world on Instagram. We love to see your projects, so follow us at @PullAPartAuto and use the #PullAPartLife hashtag to become part of the story. Enjoy a selection of snapshots from Pull-A-Part superfans below!