Part Pricing

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Part Standard Price Core Charge
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** Please note that environmental fee and taxes are not included in the price listed.

By philosophy and design, our pricing structure is intentionally simple and cost reducing.

Pull-A-Part's pricing model is unique, but makes perfect senseā€¦so it is easy to understand. Each specific part has the same price, regardless of the make, model or year of the car in which you find it. So the price for a 6-cylinder engine is fixed, whether it is in a 1972 Plymouth Fury or 1996 Mercedes. Simple, Easy and huge savings - that is the Pull-A-Part way...

Here is how you read our price list:

  1. Find the part you are looking for. Search by a keyword or start with the first letter of the part name or simply click ALL to see the entire price list.
  2. There is also what is called a "Core Charge" on some parts. The core charge, sometimes called a core price, is a form of deposit you pay until returning your old part. If you don't have the core at the time of purchase, you must pay the core charge. That charge is refunded to you when you return the core of the old part. So if you do not have the old part you will have to pay this core charge - if you do have it then you will not have to pay this charge.
  3. Taxes and a small regulatory/environmental fee is charged to each transaction. 


Pull-A-Part Cares About Your Safety!


Pull-A-Part makes no representations or warrantees as to the usability of any tires.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to have tires professionally inspected, mounted and installed.

Tire carcasses are provided at no cost and are deemed to be unfit for road use on a passenger vehicle and should not be utilized for such use under any circumstances.  

Driving on damaged tires is dangerous. A damaged tire can suddenly fail leading to situations that may result in serious personal injury or death. Tires should be regularly inspected by a qualified tire service professional.