What?? A HONDA ACCORD with a transmission problem on the lemon list? Sad but true, 2003 Honda Accord transmissions start slipping at around 90,000 miles and are likely to need replacement according to CarComplaints.com.


Breaking news: Oil sludge leads to engine failure

Yes it's tough to hear, but if your sleek  Dodge Intrepid, Stratus or other Chrysler has the  2.7L V6, you could be dealing with a sludgy six-cylinder. The problem is they are infamous for engine oil sludge which crops up at around 80,000-100,000 miles. To quote  Car Complaints.com  "it's only worth the price of the scrap metal it's going to shortly turn into." 

When you got that used 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005 Ford Explorer you probably had big dreams of going off-road, forging mountain streams, camping and hunting.

But as the odometer cracked 90,000 miles that dream may have turned into a nightmare with a $3000 transmission repair bill. 

Ever had a junky car you hate so much you'd like to see it destroyed?

You've got a junk car you need a way to dispose of it. Well, some folks knock out all the glass, strap on a helmet and get into the ring with a bunch of other wrecked cars. Talk about an end of life vehicle! This is truly the last drive for these old beaters.  While a demolition derby might be fun, you'll make better money selling your junk car to Pull-A-Part for cash. $250-$500, depending on the weight and completeness.


Here's a list of worst cars that are likely to be a big pain in your … wallet

Do you currently own any of these problem vehicles?

 Or do you have some other nominations for worst car ever? 

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