Environmentally Active and Aware.

Pull-A-Part respects the environment. We understand it is a vital resource, needing constant and diligent protection. We operate every location being very environmentally conscious, and aware. We bring in outside experts for ongoing external audits; reviewing and analyzing our procedures to ensure our performance and compliance stay at their highest levels. We are fully committed, and are energetically doing whatever we can to make the world around us a cleaner, healthier place to live.

We are active environmental stewards, and have received recognition for our continued efforts to keep communities like yours clean. We take great pride in being a careful environmentalist and in enthusiastically supporting the community building efforts of our neighbors. We enjoy becoming a positive addition to each local community we serve, and take pride in making a difference.

From clearing dilapidated cars off the street and out of driveways, to safely removing harmful fluids and recycling virtually everything that comes through our door, we take proactive steps toward making things better. We take a great deal of pride in how we run our award-winning operations, and it shows. Come experience the Pull-A-Part difference.

Latest News and Quotes

Georgia Counties Magazine, a publication of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia, article by Pull-A-Part's Senior Vice President Steve Levetan about Pull-A-Part's leadership role in the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program (NVMSRP) and how Pull-A-Part is protecting the community from the dangers of mercury.   Download PDF

Thank you letter from Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for Pull-A-Part's help and endorcement of the IDEM Auto Salvage Recyclers Environmental Self-Audit Workbook and Clean Yard program   Download PDF

Georgia Public Broadcasting's Sustainable Georgia interviews Pull-A-Part's Senior VP, Steve Levetan   Listen to Audio

Indianapolis Star features Pull-A-Part in Business Section Article   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part is the only company in the country to win the National EPA National Partnership for Environmental Priorities (NPEP) Achievement Award for Recycling Mercury Switches   Watch Video

Pull-A-Part and Senior VP Steve Levetan named Member of the Year for the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). ARA is the National Trade Association for the Auto Recycling industry and services approximately 1,000 member companies through direct membership and over 2,000 other companies through its affiliated chapters. ARA is the only trade association serving the automotive recycling industry in 12 countries internationally.   Watch Video


Clips from EPA press event at Pull-A-Part commemorating the removal of the one millionth automotive mercury switch   Watch Video

October 26,2006
Pull-A-Part was the recipient of Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry award for outstanding environmental accomplishments at the annual Tennessee Chamber Environmental Conference   Download PDF

September 21, 2006
Pull-A-Part 2006 Keep Georgia Beautiful Award Winner: First Place in Waste Reduction Category.   Download PDF

October 20, 2004
Pull-A-Part 2004 Environmental Award Winner: Air & Waste Management Association, Georgia Chapter honors Pull-A-Part... Download PDF   Download PDF

“it’s different and very pleasing. I have had the opportunity to visit several junkyards – as we used to call them – and they were all in disarray and the land was polluted with oil, and transmission fluid. Pull-A-Part makes sure that doesn’t happen. I think Pull-A-Part is unique.” - George Maddox, Ga state representative and former chair of Georgia Clean and Beautiful.

November 5, 2006
The Gwinnett Post Car writes about Pull-A-Part in "Recycling facility gets environmental award."   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part is recognized by the Georgia State House of Representatives as one of the leading environmental and sustainable businesses in Georgia   Download PDF

Pull A Part's efforts in sustainablity recognized   Download PDF

The Atlanta Intown comments on Pull-A-Part Keep Georgia Beautiful and Sustainable Business Awards   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part wins prestigous 2007 Governers Award for Environmental Excellence!   Download PDF

Letter from US EPA Region IV Administrator Jimmy Palmer   Download PDF

Septermber, 2007 Recycling Today Magazine Cover Story   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part wins 5 Tennessee Chamber of Commerce 2007 Envronmental Awards   Download PDF

Atlanta Business Chronicle Cover Story - Strategies Section - October 12, 2007   Download PDF

Memphis Daily News announces Pull-A-Part's Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Environmental Awards   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part receives notice of another 1st Place Award from Keep Georgia Beautiful from Georgia Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Mike Beatty   Download PDF

Pull-A-Part in the news on Atlanta's 11Alive. Reporter Mark Pickard is the dean of Atlanta's environmental reporters   Watch Video

John Gilkeson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, talks about how Pull-A-Part and its handling of fluids is different from parts yards he's used to seeing   Watch Video

John Gilkeson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, on his impressions of Pull-A-Part   Watch Video

John Gilkeson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, on Pull-A-Part's proper handling of end of life vehicles   Watch Video

US Senator Johnny Isakson, on Pull-A-Part's hosting of the EPA event removing the 1 millionth vehicle mercury switch, and Pull-A-Part's environmental achievements   Watch Video

US Senator Johnny Isakson on Pull-A-Part's appearance, recycling, and environmental activities   Watch Video

US EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson on Pull-A-Part's accelerated pace of environmental protection and sustainability   Watch Video

US EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson on Pull-A-Part's recovery of the 1 millionth vehicle mercury switch and Pull-a-Part's top environmental performance through its membership in the elite EPA partnership, Performance Track   Watch Video

Polly Sattler, Sustainable Business Partners President, on Pull-A-Part as a sustainable business   Watch Video

Polly Sattler, Sustainable Business Partners President, on the reality of Pull-A-Part versus peoples initial perceptions   Watch Video

Georgia State Representative Lynn Smith, Chair of House Environment and Natural Resources Committee, on Pull-a-Part at Sustainable Business Day at the Georgia Capitol, 2008   Watch Video

Louisville, KY City Councilmember Vicki Welch, on Pull-A-Part's compatibility with her neighborhood   Watch Video

Louisville, KY City Councilmember Vicki Welch, on her visit, with neighbors, to Pull-A-Part   Watch Video

Louisville, KY City Councilmember Vicki Welch, on Pull-A-Part's community involvement and contributions   Watch Video

Region 4 US EPA Deputy Administrator, Russ Wright, at Georgia Capitol, on Pull-A-Part's selection by EPA as the location to pull the 1 millionth vehicle mercury switch   Watch Video

Region 4 US EPA Deputy Administrator, Russ Wright, at Georgia Capitol, announcing Pull-A-Part's joining the EPA's National Partnership for Environmental Priorities   Watch Video

Region 4 US EPA Deputy Administrator, Russ Wright at Georgia Capitol, says Pull-A-Part places the Environment first,   Watch Video

Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle speaks about Pull-A-Part at the Georgia Capitol's 2008 Sustainable Business Day   Watch Video

LeRoy Bishop, PE, on lack of noise from Pull-A-Part facilities, based on his site studies   Watch Video

Testimony of Louisville neighbor and Yorktown North Homeowners Association President, Dr. Charles Owen before the Louisville Board of Zoning Adjustment, on his personal visit to Pull-A-Part's Nashville facility.   Watch Video

Letter from US EPA Director of Hazardous Waste Minimization and Management Division, James Berlow, thanking Pull-A-Part for its hosting of the Millionth Mercury Switch Removal Event.   Download PDF

Salt Water as a Fuel?   Watch Video